“And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.” (3:104)

“மேலும், (மக்களை) நன்மையின் பக்கம் அழைப்பவர்களாகவும், நல்லதைக் கொண்டு (மக்களை) ஏவுபவர்களாகவும் தீயதிலிருந்து (மக்களை) விலக்குபவர்களாகவும் உங்களிலிருந்து ஒரு கூட்டத்தார் இருக்கட்டும் – இன்னும் அவர்களே வெற்றி பெற்றோராவர்.” (3:104)

Convey from me, even (if it is) one verse.” (Bukhari)

“Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.” (Muslim)

 Final Message of Allah to the Humanity!

kdpj ,dj;Jf;F my;yh`;tpd; ,Wjpj; JhJ!

Oh Mankind!
Stop & Read!
Hasten to Realize The Truth!
Think About the Reality of Human Life!
Enter Islam To Avoid Disappointment!

(See the answers for the following questions from Quran verses)

  • Where were you before?
  • Who has created you? (82:7-95:4)
  • What is the purpose of creation?
  • Do you know the reality of this life?
  • Have you looked around & thought about other creations? (3:190-30:19,20-31:10)
  • Haven’t you realised signs for the creator God? (51:20,21-55:25-82:6-96:7)
  • Haven’t you realised that you are in disappointment? (18:46-103:1,2,3)
  • Why don’t you follow his guidance for success? (20:14-13:28,29-3:4-33:21)
  • Have you prepared for death? (21:34,35)
  • What will happen after death?
  • Why don’t you fear, the warnings of the creator? (39:54,55-39:71,72)
  • Eventually, who will succeed? (39:73-3:185)
  • Don’t die without believe in Allah!






kdpj ,dNk!
epd;W gbAq;fs;!
rj;jpaj;ij czu tpiuAq;fs;!
kdpj tho;tpd; cz;ik epiy gw;wp rpe;jpAq;fs;!
Vkhw;wj;ij jtpu;g;gjw;F ,];yhj;jpDs; EioAq;fs;!

(fPo;tUk; Nfs;tpfSf;Fupa gjpy;fis vjpNuAs;s Fu;Md; trdq;fspy; ghu;f;fTk;)

  • cq;fs; gpwg;Gf;F Kd; ePq;fs; vq;fpUe;jPu;fs;?
  • cq;fisg; gilj;jtd; ahu;? (82:7-95:4)
  • cq;fsJ gilg;G Nehf;fk; vd;d? (23:115-51:56)
  • ,e;j tho;f;ifapd; cz;ik epiy vd;dntd;W cq;fSf;Fj; njupAkh? (57:20-18:45)
  • cq;fisr; #o;e;Js;s gilg;Gfisg; ghu;j;J mtw;iwg; gw;wp ePq;fs; rpe;jpf;ftpy;iyah? (3:190-30:19>20-31:10)
  • my;yh`;tpd; mj;jhl;rpfis ePq;fs; czutpy;iyah? (51:20>21-55:25-82:6-96:7)
  • ePq;fs; Vkhw;wj;jpy; ,Uf;fpwPu;fs; vd;gij czutpy;iyah? (18:46-103:1>2>3)
  • Vd; ePq;fs; cq;fsJ ntw;wpf;F mtdJ topfhl;liyg; gpd;gw;wf; $lhJ? (20:14-13:28>29-3:4-33:21)
  • ePq;fs; kuzj;jpw;F Maj;jkhfp tpl;Bu;fsh? (21:34>35)
  • kuzj;jpd; gpd; vd;d elf;Fk;?
  • gilj;jtdpd; vr;rupf;iffSf;F Vd; ePq;fs; gag;glf; $lhJ? (39:54>55-39:71>72)
  • ,Wjpahf ahu; ntw;wpailthu;fs;? (39:73-3:185)
  • my;yh`;it tpRthrk; nfhs;shj epiyapy; kuzpj;J tpl Ntz;lhk;? (3:102-2:208)


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