Wishes from Ash Sheikh Fasil Farook

Assalamu Alaikkum!

“All praise be to Allah”

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Br. Amanulla Kamaldin for deciding to host a website dedicated to continue the Dhawa service. May Allah (swt) reward him for his time and energy to host and maintain a website especially for the benefit of English/Tamil speaking segment of the Ummah, worldwide.

Br. Amanulla Kamaldin who has been a writer and the author of many books based in London. I had many opportunities to see his social and Dhawa services when I was in the United Kingdom at Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre (UK). He was serving the humanity and calls the mankind towards ‘Hidayath’ with his pen. Now I appreciate him for coming forward to serve Dhawa via a website.

Scientists have reached the pinnacle of their imagination. Technology is used to promote sin and evil. Specially leads astray the youth beyond the boundaries of Islam. Muslims have started to resort to ‘Google Mufti’ to clear their doubts.  Today the email and online social networks are exploited in the name of Islam. It is utmost important to use all modern technology to promote Islam to guide the Muslim Ummah in to the direction of Dheen  and remove  doubt confusion.

There was a time when only the print and electronic media were playing a main role in information on Islam. But now, Muslims who are living in various parts of the world are provided with opportunity to receive Dhawa service via websites.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Global Dhawa Service website every success and blessing, in their mission. May Almighty Allah accept this constructive work and reward all of us.

Ash Sheik Fasil Farook
Founder and the principal of International Islamic Institute
Head of Academic Affairs of Kulliyathul Eyne Institute
Media Secretary of All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulamah
Vice President of Imam Shafee Foundation

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