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[All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

“And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.(3:104)

“And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.” (41:33)

The Prophet (Pbuh) said, “Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence”(Al-Bukhaari: 3461)

There are numerous verses of the Quran and the Ahadith of Prophet (Pbuh) that emphasizes on the importance of Dhawa.It is important matter for every Muslims to realise that Dhawa is an obligation upon us.. Dawah is one of the noblest acts one Muslim can do and its rewards are immense. Conveying the message is a responsibility of each and every Muslim according to their ability.

Indeed, calling to Allah was the mission of all the Messengers in order to bring the people out of darkness into light, from non believer to true Faith (Eemaan), from shirk to Tawheed, and from the Fire to Paradise. Calling people to Allah is an important task and a glorious mission, because it means calling people to worship Allah alone. It means planting goodness in the place of evil and truth in the place of falsehood. It is our responsibility to invite human towards the straight path.

Dhawa means a call or an invitation. Dhawa has two dimensions external and internal, External Dhawa is to invite non-Muslims to Islam, and Internal Dhawa is to remind the Muslims about their duties to Allah and the teachings of Islam taught by our beloved prophet (Pbuh).

Human expectation is peace and development, to attain this there are various guidance and developments exist in the world. These man-made theories have deficiencies and these may possible to lead the human life astray .Allah is the creator. Only he deserves to give divine law to guide human being. Islam is a universal guidance religion accepted by Allah.

‘Paradise for all mankind’. This was the Motto of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).He even cried at the death of a Jew. We are his “Ummath’’ our concern should be the same. To start simultaneously from ourselves, family, locality, country to whole mankind till the Day of Judgment. Dhawa is an effective tool to correct and redress ourselves. Our success for life here and the life hereafter depend on obeying the commands of Allah and following Path and the way of our Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

Islam is the solution and panacea for peace and success for human being and we try to pass this message and link the people via this website to cater Dhawa globally.

இணைய தளம் பற்றி…

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About our Editor



Founder & President:

Daruth Thaqwa Girls Arabic College

(This Girls Arabic College is producing hundreds of women Islamic scholars and Hafilas)


Global Dhawa Service – UK

(London, America, France, European Countries, Middle East, South Asian and Far East countries are benefiting daily by his ‘Hadeeth a day’, ‘Page in Islamic history’ and Quran commentary)


(He is the Author of ‘Peace in Life’, ‘Advices to Succeed in Life’ and many other books.

Also he is serving the Ummah and calling human being by his AmanathS pen)

Experienced Hajj Guide:

(He has nearly four decades experience in guidance for Umrah & Hajj)

Social worker:

(He is serving humanity being a member of many social service organisations in UK and abroad)


mkhDy;yh fkhy;jPd;

jhUj; jf;th kfspu; muGf; fy;Yhup

(jiytUk; ];jhgfUk;)

(,e;j ngz;fs; fy;tp epiyaj;jpd; %yk; Ehw;Wf; fzf;fhd Mypkhf;fSk; `hgpshf;fSk; cUthfp ngz;fspilNa kWkyu;r;rp Vw;gl;bUf;fpwJ.)

FNshgy; j/th Nrit – ,yz;;ld;

];jhgfUk; ,af;FeUk;

(,tuJ ‘ehs; xU egp nkhop’ ‘tuyhw;wpy; Xu; VL’ ‘my; Fu;Md; tpuptTiu’ Nghd;w kw;w j/th Nritapd; %yk; yz;;ld>; mkupf;fh> gpuhd;]>; INuhg;gpa ehLfs; kj;jpa fpof;F ehLfs;; njw;fhrpa ehLfs; Jhu fpof;F ehLfs; Nghd;w cyfpd; gy;NtW ehl;L kf;fs; gpuNahrdk; mile;J tUtJ Fwpg;gplj;jf;fJ.)

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(‘tho;f;ifapy; epk;kjp’ ‘tho;f;iff;F topfhl;Lk; ey;YgNjrq;fs;’ Nghd;w kw;Wk; gy Ehy;fspdJk; Mrpupauhd ,tu; jdJ ‘mkhdj;];’; vd;w Ngdhtpd; %yk;  vOj;Jyfpy; r%fj;Jf;F Nrit nra;tJld; cyf kf;fis `pjhaj;jpd; gf;fk; mioj;J tUfpd;whu;.;)

`[; top fhl;b

(NkYk; ,tu;; `[; ck;uhTf;F topfhl;Ltjpy; Rkhu; ehd;F jrhg;jq;fshf mZgtj;ijg; ngw;W jw;NghJ [f;fpa ,uhr;rpaj;jpt; `h[pfSf;F topfhl;b tUfpd;whu;) 


r%f Nritahsu;


(,tu; cs; ehl;bYk; ntsp ehl;bYk;  gy r%f Nrit epWtdq;fspd; cWg;gpduhf ,Ue;J Nrit nra;tJ Fwpg;glj;jf;fJ.)



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