A Great Scholar of Islam Prof. Dr. Moulavi.H. Salahudeen (Bari)

A Great Scholar of Islam

Prof. Dr. Moulavi.H. Salahudeen (Bari)

By AmanathS

The great son of Sri Lankan Muslims Marhoom. Prof. Dr. Moulavi H. Salahudeen (Bari) who was born in Galhinna, Sri Lanka on 25th February 1938, for Hamid Lebbe and Zulaiha Umma started his education at Galhinna Al Manar National College & Jamai Al Fathhah Arabic College and continued his further education at Zavia & Mahlara Kayalpatnam in India & Jamia Al Bari(MBA College) in Weligama, Sri Lanka.

Marhoom who qualified as Moulavi Al Alim in 1956 and Moulavi Fazil (Diploma) in 1958 was proficient in Tamil, Singhala and English Language. He had been working as an Arabic Language Teacher since 1959 and he had served as a lecturer in government colleges for 32 years. He has been servicing as Chief Imam & Chief Trustee in Jamiul Ahlam Hanafi Jumma Masjid Kandy.

He actively took part and delivered speeches in national peace, harmony and in multi religious state level meetings 132 times. He also delivered speech in Victoria Dam Opening Ceremony and SAAC Conference. He delegated himself in many Official Religious and Cultural Delegations to Overseas Countries, who was visited over 40 foreign countries North, East, South and West.

He is a well known author. He established Shiffa Publishing House in 1962 and wrote over 250 books in four languages, over 11.9 million free copies were distributed globally from 1962. Global distribution books were published in Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, India and Sri Lanka. “Collection of Islamic small Books” – Four Volumes. Each 400 pages.“Collection of Collections” Tamil – 1704 pages, English 1072 pages, Sinhala 1000 pages.42 Audio Cassette Speeches recorded in Singapore for global distribution. Out of the incomes a Janaza bus was gifted to Singapore Tamil speaking Muslims.

He was an orator. His speeches were broad cast by Sri Lanka radio broad since 1957. He was an active speaker in TV programs and in public platforms & Mimbers of Masjids. All India Radio, Raj TV, Singapore Radio, Malaysian Radio & TV (RTM) Canadian Broadcast, Rupavahini, Rupavahini I Channel, ITN & Sakthi TV were broad cast and telecast his speeches. He Delivered Friday Kuthba Sermons every nook and corner of the country & conducted Jumma Prayer in 35 Capitals of world cities including London, New York, Paris.

He held membership in several organisations. He was the Founder and First member of Independent International Islamic Mission. Chairman of Board of Governors Jinna Hall, Kandy. Governor of Al-Imran International School Kandy. Advisor of International Affairs for Thihariya Center for Disables. Asian Rep. for Anjuman South American Daawa Center.  President of All Ceylon Muslim Registrars Union. Member of  Regional Consultative Committee of Ceylon Transport Board (C.T.B) Kandy, General Hospital Committee, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Advisory Board, Sri Lanka WAQF Board and Former President Jamiyathul Ulama Central Province.

He was given titles and awards from various countries. “Justice of Peace for All Island”, “Desmanya”,”Desha Keerthi”, “Social Worker”, “Samurthi Award”, “The Scholar”, “Kalaa Poosana” in Sri Lanka. “Kandy Moulana”, “Thajul Ulama”, “Kiblah”, “Gzhanatheni”, “Deen Nerichudar” in India. “Rowing Ambassador of Islam” in Singapore. “Mobile University”, “Sage of Islamic Small Books” in Malaysia.

He guided thousands of Hajees and performed over fifty Hajj and over seventy four Umrahs. His son Muslim Salahudeen has established a library on his name and following his steps and helping the social and religious developments works around the country.

Further more American biological institute honoured him the “Expertise Award”, also USA conferred on him the American Hall of Fame Award and man of the year 2007,2008. UNICEF has selected him 57th author out of hundred authors in 2006 who wrote about the “Children Rights” around the worlds.

He delivered thousands of talks around the world in his life time and fortunately his final talk was given in his native place at Daruth Thaqwa Girls’ Arabic College Convocation in his last days of life. It was a historical event.

He was a Scholar, Writer, Orator and above all, a deep devoted Religious Worker. He was kind hearted, loving, caring and God-fearing. The milk of kindness, love, knowledge and honour that sprang from him was like a fountain. He was a University in Universe. A well behaved Muslim gentleman who led a simple exemplary life.


It is a great loss for entire Ummah. He was born on 25-02-1938 and lived 74 years as a great son and a great Scholar with great achievements, passed away on 24-07-2013 at Asar time on the 15th of Ramadhan and thus enlives in the hearts of millions.


May Allah accept all his good deeds and join all of us in Jannah and grant us his Blessings and Contentment. Aameen!


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