Dhawa is an Amana….

Dhawa is an Amana

Amanulla Kamaldin (AmanathS)

The entire universe including the  planets, the stars, the milky ways, the seven heavens, the seven earth, Arsh, Kursi, Paradise, Hellfire, the Angels, the Mankind, the Jinn and the rest of the  billions of  creations that man cannot imagine are created by Allah SWT, sustained and cherished by Him.

There is no equality for Him.  Not a single place is unenclosed in His sovereignty.  There are no praises which have not reached Him. There is nothing which has not included in His treasury. Not a single scientist or a researcher or a modern technologist can reveal the secret of the creations. Even though all the scientists of the world get together, they cannot make a living creature. Man can improve in science & technology and he can invent many modern equipments but the brain for this invention is created by Allah.  He is the most powerful, when he intends anything, is only to say to it: ‘Kun’ Be, so it is.

            Allah SWT created everything for the sake of mankind and He created the mankind in a wonderful manner and sent them to this world to worship Him. He has made a lot of arrangements to guide them towards the paradise, because He loves them. To explain the purpose of life Allah SWT revealed the Books and He sent the Prophets time to time and guided mankind in this regard, Allah sent our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW as the last Prophet and enlightened the world with His “Deen”.  Allah SWT invites the humans towards Jannah through the light of Hidayath. Quran is the summary of all Books revealed by Allah and Surah Al- Fathiha is the summary of the whole Quran. Allah teaches the humans how to pray for Hidayath by Surah Al-Fathiha. Whoever enters fully into Hidayath till death, until the day of resurrection they will be successful in this world and hereafter. If anyone chooses a different path, they will end in failure. Everyone will realise this truth in two occasions. Once in “Sakarath”(the moment of the death) and the next occasion is in  “Akhira”(the hereafter). But even though if you shed tears to the amount in which you can sail a ship, it will be useless at this moment. As the ‘Ummath’ of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, it is our duty to spread this message to the human beings till the Day of Judgement.

Allah SWT says in Holy Quran:

Ye are the best peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. 


Who is better in speech than one who calls (men) to Allah, works righteousness, and says,” I am of those who bow in Islam”?


 Say thou: “This is my way: I do invite unto Allah –on evidence clear as the seeing with one’s eyes-I and whoever follows me. Glory to Allah! and never will I joint Gods with Allah”

                                                                                                                                                 (12: 108)

By (the token of) Time through the ages, verily man in loss, Except such has Faith and do righteous deeds, and (joint together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and constancy.


Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed on his path and who receive guidance.                                                                                                                                                              (16:125)

            With regard to enjoining good and forbiding evil our Prophet Muhammad SAW said to the nearest meaning: “If any one of you see an evil thing he must prevent it by the use of his hand; if he has no power for this action he should prevent it with his tongue; if he cannot do this even he should at least consider it as an evil in his heart. This is the lowest level of one’s faith”

          ( Reported by Abu Said Al-Khudri Radiallahu Anhu in Ibn Maja & Nasa’e)

            Ayesha Radiallahu Anha narrates: “Once when the Holy Prophet SAW entered the house, I saw his face and I guessed that something of great importance should have happened to him. He did not talk to anyone, after making Wudu he entered the mosque. I stood behind the wall to hear what he was saying. He ascended and sat at the pulpit, after praising Allah he said, “O, Muslims! Allah has commanded you to call people to good deeds, and prevent them from committing sins; otherwise a time will come when you will pray to Him, but He will not listen to you; you will ask your needs of Him, but He will not grant of them; you will demand His help against your enemies, but He will not help you”, after saying this he descended the pulpit.”

                                                                                                                                                (Reported in Ibn Maja.)

   It is the duty of the Two billion Muslims of this world to enjoin good and forbid evil to the rest of five  billion people who are in desperate state. The short life in this diminishing world is given to prepare for the eternal life of the hereafter. “Dhawa” means to propagate the above mentioned truth to the world and invite the people towards the light of Hidayath. In this regard, the following facts should be considered:

  1. Responsibility of Dhawa
  2. Aim of Dhawa
  3. Technique of Dhawa
  4. Individual & Collective Dhawa
  5. Etiquettes of Dhawa
  6. Errors in Dhawa

Dhawa made by Prophet Muhammad SAW

The period in which our holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was born was known as a period of ignorance. During this period the people were engaged in all types of sins and nefarious activities. They were leading a life which was worse than animals. They used to bury baby girls alive as soon as they were born. There were 360 idols inside the Ka’bah and they were doing Thawaf around them nakedly. If there were any disputes among the neighbours or family members they used to fight for a number of years for that cause. They even made last will advising their generation to drink wine on their enemies’ skull. They were a community without a culture and not a single ruler wanted to bring them under their empire.

Allah SWT sent our Prophet Muhammad SAW among this community as a mercy to the entire mankind. He was the role model to be followed by anyone. He showed us a beautiful life style. Our Prophet SAW was tried hard to preach the revealed truth to win the hearts of those people who were engrossed in total heinous crimes and in great sinful act. He had been preaching and spreading Deen for thirteen years among these people with the sole light of Quran and Hadeeth and he was able to purify their hearts. He instilled in their mind the truth about the Creator, the purpose of our life, the ephemeral life in this world and the eternal Akira life.  A man’s necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, vehicle, employment or trade have been allocated by Allah SWT and they will reach him by any means. But a man must always ask for ‘Hidayath’. If any one dies without Hidayath he will be at loss in the grave and in the Day of Judgement. A man cannot lead his life according to his desire but he should always obey the commandments of Allah SWT. He will have to face accountability of his deeds in the Day of Resurrection. All the human beings are moving towards their death. The life of Hereafter begins as soon as a man passes away from this world. No one can be successful with their money, fame or positions. Prophet SAW was relating the stories of the people who had wealth and power and how they were destroyed as they misused them without obeying Allah’s commandments. Our Prophet Muhammad SAW invited people towards Allah.

Our Prophet SAW and his followers were united without any discrimination whether they were black or white, rich or poor, literate or illiterate and they were there in every nook and corner of the cities and villages of Arabia to spread Islam. During Hajj season they used to visit all the tents giving the message of Islam.  The unbelievers were plotting to murder the Prophet SAW and his companions. But the Holy Prophet SAW was worrying and concerning as how to give Dhawa to the unbelievers. The Sahabas realised the value of Deen and they sacrificed their family and wealth. They were prepared to leave the Ka’ba and the company of the holy Prophet (SAW) for the sake of spreading Deen. The ignorant Sahabas turned out to be knowledgeable, sensible and religious and they were able to rule one third of the world. Many countries and empires came under their feet.  They went all over the world to give Dhawa.

The work of Dhawa was continued in the way of Sahabas till Hijri 200. After the  Hijri 400, the Sheikhs were spreading Deen by introducing Thareeqas. After Hijri 600, the work of Dhawa was diminished gradually, Because of Muslims were ravenous about their positions and wealth they were defeated by the Tartaris.  Millions of Muslims were killed by Tartaris.  Eventually Muslims started to realise their mistakes and they started the work of Dhawa again. Due to this, Millions of people including the Tartaris embraced Islam.

During the past century, the work of Dhawa  has been continuing by a number of Movements like Tabligh Jamath, Jama’at E Islam, Thouheed Jamath etc.. Especially the work of Dhawa is continued in the same manner of Sahaba by Thabligh Jamath which was reintroduced by Moulana Ilyas (R.A). They are knocking every door of Muslims houses in all over the world to remind the importance of work of Dhawa and pass the message of Allah and his messenger. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) spread the Deen house to house, every nook and corner of the country irrespective of the different harsh weather or environment.

In the meantime, in this new information era where the world has improved in the field of modern technology, the work of Dhawa also carried out by multimedia such as internet and TV. However there are shortcomings in this method of Dhawa . Extra care should be taken when using multimedia for Dhawa . We should be very conscious about the tricks of Shaitan. The enemies of Islam try their best to mislead Muslims and misinterpret Islam through internet and TV. Therefore, we have to be very careful and vigilant when using multimedia.

Dhawa is divided into two categories. One is the Dhawa towards Imaan, reminding and calling Muslims about Dhawa. Other one is Dhawa towards Islam, which means calling non-Muslims towards Islam. But this effort is very less these days. Therefore the non-Muslims have misunderstood about Islam and Muslims. The enemies of Islam are trying their best through media to show the public that Muslims are fundamentalists and terrorists. Therefore, we should make effort immediately to give Dhawa to non- Muslims and make them to understand the meaning of Islam.  We should educate ourselves deeply not only our religion but also other religion as well. The effort of Ahmed Deedad and Dr. Zakir Naik are commendable in this field.

In order to get involved our sisters in this works of Dhawa , weekly Tha’leem Majlises, Shariah classes and ladies educational institutes are being held all over the world. Ladies Jamaths are going out for the work of Dhawa.  Especially we could witness a reformation amongst the Muslim ladies of UK, because of the work of Dhawa. This is an example for the rest of the women in the world.

The Etiquette of Dhawa

  • We should invite people towards Allah.
  • Only the Greatness of Allah should be mentioned.
  • The reward should be expected solely from Allah.
  • We should spend our time, wealth and our effort towards the course.
  • All those who have desire and those who don’t have desire should be invited.
  • We should bear the difficulties met during the works of Dhawa .
  • A person should not be invited towards individuals or Movements.
  • Other methods of Dhawa or individuals should not be criticised.
  • Those who are involved in the work of Dhawa should always follow what they preach.
  • Da’ees should always have strong Eman, he must be steadfast in Salah, seeking Islamic knowledge and remembering Allah with sincere heart, also he should respect other’s rights.
  • The Qualities of Allah should be emphasised in Dhawa.
  • We should invite the people towards Akira and Jannah in way shown by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • All Da’ees should  invoke Dua from Allah SWT for Hidayath of all human being.

Today we would be able to say that there no countries where the work of Dhawa is not carried out. This work is growing very fast in countries such as USA, UK and France. We could see the young men with beard and young women with Niqab in universities, institutions, cities and villages are involved in this effort. Especially the Western countries are an excellent base for the work of Dhawa because the people here are kind hearted. It is the duty of every Muslim men and women to make an effort for the Hidayath of these people.

Adhan is a great Dhawa which is broadcast globally round the clock. The world has been created by sand, water, fire and air. But Allah SWT is Greater than all these four things. That is why ‘Allahu Akbar’ is mentioned four times in Adhan. It is also indicated in Adhan that success lies on the way of Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is also mentioned to come for Salah and come towards success.

The Deenul Islam which was brought by our Prophet Muhammad SAW should reach the entire humanity till the day of Judgement. It has been entrusted as an Amana to every single Ummah to spread the Deen till the last man. The Prophet SAW asked his companions “Have I conveyed the message to you from Allah SWT?” The Companions replied “yes, Oh Rasoolulah! You conveyed the message to us”. Prophet SAW said “Oh Allah! You bear witness for this”. Then the Prophet SAW said “Those who are present here pass the message to those who are not present here”.  Therefore, every individual will be questioned about this trust on the day of Judgement.

It is the responsibility of this Ummah to spread the Dheen to entire humanity till the day of Judgement. Every one of us will be questioned about this Amana. Oh Allah! Help us to take your Deen to every doorstep in the world. O Allah! Here I am submitting this Amana to human being to come until last day of this world and I am calling the entire human being towards you and you bear witness for this.

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