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Noble Message of Islam towards Humanity

 ‘Allah’ is the creator. Of all creations, human being is the best of his creations. The Holy divine books and prophets have been sent for guidance to human life. ‘Muhammad’ (Pbuh) is the last prophet preached about the creator and the purpose of creation. Worldly life is just a short pan moving towards the eternal life of Hereafter. To succeed in both world obey Allah’s commandments and practise the way of life of Prophet (Pbuh).

The Holy Quran declares that the ‘Human’race is one family. We all are the children of Adam (Pbuh) and Eve, whether they belong to any country, colour or nation.

“All human beings are a single nation “ (2:213)

“All human beings are naught but a single nation and yet they disagree”(10:19)

And verily this is your nation (human beings) is a single nation”(21:92,23:52)

The word ‘Islam’is an Arabic word which means “Submission to the will of Allah” This words come from the  root  Arabic words ‘Salam’which means ‘Peace’as such , the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind and surety of heart, one must submit to Allah and live according to His divinely revealed law.

The word ‘Muslim’means one who submits the will of Allah,  regardless of their race, nationality or ethnic background.  Being a Muslim entail wilful submission and active obedience to Allah,  and living in accordance with His message.

Dr. Pasha says :

“If Islam had given the world nothing but this one simple clarion message, “Read “(96:1)

And that too at the dawn of the seventeenth century. The entire world would still be in its debt forever. But the tragedy is that Non-Muslims don’t know, and Muslims want tell “.And all mankind to follow this straight path.

As there are no prophets after this responsibility is entrusted upon “Muslim Ummah” to convey this message to the entire humanity till the day of Judgement.

‘Dhawa is an Amana’!  Everyone has to answer for this. O Allah! Here I am calling the entire human being towards you and you bear witness for this.

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